Faith & Organizations


Faith Communities founded most of the nonprofits in the United States and play a key role in social welfare, health, education and community development today. Clarifying specifically religious aspects of the relationship between founding communities and their organizations and effective best practices are key concerns for faith based organizations and the religions that created them. The Faith and Organization project was created to provide communities, organizations and policy makers with concrete information and targeted materials to address this issue.

Just released

Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance article, "FBOs More Complex Than Presumed." (eNews for Faith-Based Organizations newsletter, November 16, 2010)

Policy statement for the project and strategies for maintaining connections between faith communities and FBOs, boards, leadership transitions, hiring, volunteers, resources from the faith community, and addressing conflict.

You can download the Comparisons across religions and overview findings from the Maintaining Vital Connections study report. More information, including results from the pilot study, are available on the Reports page.

The project has just completed a two year initiative focused on Maintaining Vital Connections Between Faith Communities and their Nonprofits, which will assist faith communities discern the best ways to provide guidance and support to their nonprofits. More information is available here.